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Deckstone Porcelain Panels

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Made in the USA Made in the USA and Italy

* Image shows 4 seperate panels

Item Number: 1702
Dimensions: 23 7/8" x 23 7/8"
Thickness: 3/4"
Tile Weight: 37 lbs.
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Toll Free (US Only): 800-550-3325
International: 302-427-7578
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Black Stone

Sand Stone

River Rock


Barn Wood

Drift Wood

Blue Stone

Lava Rock

Travertine Light

Travertine Dark

Freedom Black

Freedom Gray

Freedom Beige

Walnut Fluted

Pecan Fluted

Gray Fog Woodgrain

Pickle Woodgrain

Cedar Fluted

Coral Ivory

Coral Black

Coral Beige


Gray Marble

* 16in. x 32in.

Brown Marble

* 16in. x 32in.

Beige Marble

* 16in. x 32in.



  • Patios
  • Roof Decks
  • Terraces
  • Pool Decks
  • Grass
  • Sand


  • Freeze/Thaw - Resistant ASTMC 1026
  • Water Absorption - -0.1% ASTM C 373
  • Chemical/Stain Resistance - Class A - ASTM C 650 Class:A ASTMC 1378
  • Breaking Strenght - >3400lbs. ASTM C 648
  • Breakage Load - Class 1
  • Mechnical Strenght - U11
  • Slip Resistance - >0.60 ANSI 137.1 (DCOF)

DECKSTONE PORCELAIN PANELS  provide an elegant look and feel to virtually any surface. Whether it's a patio, a terrace, or a multitude of other surfaces Deckstone Porcelain Panels can help showcase the beauty and luxury of your space with a cast stone, slate, marble or wood look in a variety of colors. Various size panels are available that provide the ability for a multitude of patterns giving you a wide range of choices.

In the occurrences of an uneven surface a PEDESTAL SYSTEM can help facilitate the situation or it can be used to allow access to utilities underneath the panels.

With its hard wearing, anti-slip body Deckstone Porcelain Panels provide a strong resistance to the elements and mechanical action to give you the same luxurious feel for years and years to come.

Our tiles have a class fire rating and are made with sustainable material making it a green product. The tiles are also much lighter than your typical stone or concrete paver but heavy enough to sustain high winds and have a 50-year life.With the same beauty and elegance as stone Deckstone Porcelain Panels are a great option to maintain feel of stone at an affordable price.