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Deckstone Composite Tiles


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Sorry, Deckstone Composite tiles below have been discontinued.... 

DeckStone Composite Tile
Item Number: 1702
Dimensions: 12 1/8" x 12 1/8"
Thickness: 1”
Tile Weight: 3.57 lbs.
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You have a choice of The Texture, Pattern, and Color:

Wood Grain




Slat Pattern


Plank Pattern


Slate Pattern


Tile Pattern


Grey Swatch

GRAY (1702g)

Cedar Swatch

CEDAR (1702C)

Redwood Swatch


Currenty out of Stock

Taupe Swatch

TAUPE (1702T)

A Modular System That Allows For Drainage

DeckStone Installation Photo

Exclusively designed and manufactured by COVERDECK

SYSTEMS!! Never before offered; Deckstone provides a stone, wood plank or slate look, designed for outdoor environments, with the benefits of our interlocking drainage system.

The DECKSTONE TILES are made of a blend of recycled H.D.P.E. (high density polyethylene) plastics and a flour binder; making them an environmentally friendly choice. DECKSTONE is the perfect choice for existing concrete balconies, paitos, or hard surfaces that have proper drainage, it also resists weathering. Unlike other composites, our DECKSTONE TILE will not mildew or mold within the composite.

Drainage joint between each tile.The snap together design makes installation easy and fast, requiring no special tools or adhesives. All you need is a rubber mallet to snap together malelocks into female loops. The unique design of the interlocking tray with its 352 supporting legs promote drainage and air circulation; water sweeps through and under the tray taking with it dirt, sand, etc from the surface providing a self cleaning action. The flow through design helps keep the DECKSTONE and its subsurface clean.


  • DECKSTONE interlocking tile is the ideal product for existing concrete or wood surfaces.  DECKSTONE resists weathering, mildew and mold.
  • Huge savings - No need to replace existing wood or concrete patios
    Why replace your wood deck or concrete patio when you can simply install Deckstone tiles directly over the existing surface? You can also enjoy a huge savings by installing the product yourself, it's a snap!
  • Design flexability
    With the Deckstone tiles you can mix patterns & colors to customize your space.
  • Easy to install
    All you need is a rubber mallet to install your new deck tiles, male locks go into the female loops, it's as easy as one, two, three. (DO-IT-YOURSELF DVD is available)

- Due to the nature of recycled plastics there may be color variations between batches.
- Some boards may have moisture pockets that develop on the edge of the board during extrusion. The board will not perform any differently and the moisture pocket will not be visible on the finished surface area.
- DeckStone Tiles, made with recycled polyethelene, will telegraph waviness from an uneven substrate. The flatter the substrate the better the end result. Prepare the substrate as needed to insure a flat surface.

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