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 Made in the USA


Dimensions: 12" x 24"
Thickness: 3/4”
Tile Weight: 1.81 lbs.
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Front View

Temp II front

End Detail

Temp II end detail

Back View

Temp II back


  • Event Floors
  • Tent Floors
  • Temporary Floor
  • Trade Shows
  • Exhibit Floors
  • Walkways
  • Athletic Fields


  • Drains Instantly
  • Installs easily over Irregular Surfaces
  • Allows Air to Circulate
  • Slip Resistant
  • Withstands High-Impact

Ramp Edging Avaliable!


Keeps Your Event High & Dry! 

Coverdeck Systems® TempFloor® is a high-impact plastic modular flooring system that creates a stable temporary floor.  The TempFloor® has a unique hinge system that snaps together, allowing the tiles to roll out, making installation a breeze.  Each tile has drainage holes that allow water and air to flow freely through and underneath the system. The surface is a  diamond pattern giving the floor excellent slip resistance.   TempFloor® is a raised surface that will help keep your event high and dry.TempFloor Under Tent

For use as a temporary sub-floor TempFloor® is an outstanding alternative for the typical sub floor made of lumber or plywood because the TempFloor® is lighter, lasts longer, and installs faster.

TempFloor® can be used on any number of irregular surfaces including grass, sand, dirt and stone.   TempFloor® can be used in conjunction with our Carpet Tileor any other Coverdeck Tile finishes giving the floor a more elegant appearance.




Flame Spread Index (ASTM) E 84: 110

Smoke Generation (ASTM E 84): 37

Friction (ASTM C 1028): Dry—0.77, wet—0.62

Compression vs Crush (ASTM D 3998): No Break

Noise Reduction Coefficient (ASTM C 423): 5-10%

Rolling Load (DIN 18032-02): Pass—52,000/ panel

Force Reduction (DIN 18032-02): 35

Standard Deformation (DIN 18032-02): 0.5mm Load Bearing Capacity (DIN 18032-02): >180psi R-value: x<1.0

Flatness: 0.0mm

Lateral Movement: 0.00” -0.010”