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Transportation Cart

Camlock Dance Floor
Name: Transportation Cart
Item Number: 1820E

The Transport Cart speeds up installation and can be used for storage.  Portable dance floor sections can be stacked neatly and compactly on standard pallets or on our custom designed rolled transport cart. Each modular tile is just over 1/2 inch thick and stacks neatly.

Specifications: Product specific transport carts designed for storage and installation. The transport carts also speeds up installation and breakdown times.

  DK/DKX/TT Cart
Width: 38”
Length: 38”
Lip: 1/2"
Wheels: 5” Casters
Cart Weight: 74 lbs.

Weight Capacity:

660 lbs.

Max. LoadCapacity:

432 sq/ft DK
345 sq/ft DKX
(3’ x 3’ sections)
(48 DK sheets) 
(38 DKX sheets)

Handle – All Carts: 29” H, Removable

Frame: Steel.
Platform (excluding CD Cart): Plywood.
CD Cart Platform: Carpeted Plywood.


a) Specifically designed for product’s exact fit and maximum storage capability.
b) Speeds up installation and breakdown times.
c) Maximizes facility’s storage space.
d) Can be used for both storage and installation.

Assembly: Handle, handle pins and flatbed (wheels arrive pre-assembled).
Warranty: 3 years

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