Client Testimonials


Thank you Coverdeck for a wonderful product.  I just finished the installation and the deck looks great!  From the first time I contacted you I was very impressed with your knowledge of how the product had to perform to both protect the roof surface and withstand the intense heat that we have here in Sherman Oaks, CA.  I had previously installed a different company’s wooden slat system that sat atop plastic trays and the system  failed miserably after 2 years.  The wood warped and the plastic trays became brittle and cracked.  I am very confident that the quality of your product is much higher and that I will not have similar problems.  And, the finished product looks far superior to what I had previously installed.  I highly recommend Coverdeck to anyone considering a nice finished surface for a rooftop deck or any decking project. 

- Peter P. CA




"In regards to the TempFloor, the Chilean Armed Forces really liked it.  We highly recommend this system and the people at COVERDECK are easy to work with."

- Fernando Morgan Pamparana, Tarpulin

"The Floor Tiles we used for our trade show booth turned out AWESOME.  It seemed like everyone who came to our booth had something to say about it."

-Justin Woolverton,  The Hammock Source

"I bought the Coverdeck Systems Carpet Tiles to provide a nice surface for my basement as I turned my basement into an exercise room.  The house is over 100 years old, so the basement walls were rock and mortar.  After covering the walls with drywall, I needed a nice covering for the floor.  I did extensive research on the internet for different floor covering materials.  I decided on the Coverdeck Systems Carpet Tile for two main reasons; ease of installation and they were raised off the floor to allow any moisture to stay below the tiles and not damage anything sitting on the floor.  Other products may have sealed the floor but not provided protection to my belongings on the floor and with an old house, moisture on the floor is always a problem.  Installation was simple.  I used my table saw to trim the tiles as needed to fit.  I also discovered that a good pair of wire cutters helped with the trimming.  All in all a very nice product and easy company to work with."

-Jonathan Aldeghi

"Just wanted to let you know we did the floor this weekend and it came out really nice. The color choice was excellent, and, unlike most products we work with ? which only claim to be simple to install ? this actually was. My compliments to the engineers."

- Dave Warm (Broken Sound Productions)

"The placement of the carpet squares over the parking lot created the atmosphere of elegance which added to the celebration of our 50th anniversary...".

-Beth Bertier

"My experience with Coverdeck and its product has been very satisfying.  I am extremely pleased with the tile covering on my deck.  It is so easy to clean and it looks like it has just been placed.  It always has a fresh look and it makes the balcony extension of my apartment look finished.

- Jennifer Austin

"Many thanks for your many courtesies and help with my carpet tile project."

-Gay Seither

"We are and have been a general contractor in Jersey City  for almost 70 years and this is the first time we have written a thank you about a product.  We were very pleased with your firm and your product.  All of the claims were true and the product performed exactly as promised at a reasonable cost. Thank you again for all your help.

-Peter J. Gargiulo, President, Louis Gargiulo Co., Inc.

"Wow, I never would of thought this product would be this easy to install. I just recently moved into an older townhouse in Philadelphia and needed something to lay on my basement floor to cover the unsightly concrete around my washer and dryer. With the installation of my Coverdeck Carpet Tile, doing laundry isn?t as much of a chore. Thanks again for all your help."

-Kate Langdon

"I want to commend you guys for the excellent service that you provided. The tiles have been installed and they look great! The Installers were also very professional, keeping things neat and tidy Overall I was very happy with the job done. More importantly perhaps, so was my wife! Thanks once again for your excellent service."

-Mike McKenzie

"Thanks again for all your help with the decking. We can?t wait to get the third floor finished and started working on the deck. It will be a wonderful view and the tiles will really look great. Thanks again, we really are pleased with the product."

-David Brecount

"Every couple of years we paint our garage floor to give it a more finished look, but in doing so, takes a lot of time, money and energy. With your expertise and suggestions, the multi-lock tile gave my garage a face lift in hours and is a product we can depend on for many years to come. I won't miss painting my garage floor one bit. Good bye paint brush, hello Multi-Lock!"

-Fred Wick

"Despite some complications due to miscommunication, COVERDECK was able to rectify the situation promptly. Delivering a sharp look to our balconies, accommodating a slip free surface, which is essential."

-Barbra Noseworthy

"As a happy customer, I have the Coverdeck System on my balcony. It has made my life much easier, because all I do is take a dry mop once a week to clean it. It only takes ten minutes. It is so easy to maintain."

-Beverly Owens