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How It Works

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Tile Assembly Procedure
Assembly is accomplished by always orienting tile loops in same direction prior to locking (as illustrated below).

Tile Assemby Procedure

Unlatching Procedure
Insert small screwdriver between latch and adjacent tile. Push screwdriver until depth is reached (as illustrated below).

Rotate screwdriver prying latch upward from loop until it is unlocked. Repeat operation to adjoining locks.

Caution: Use of undue force may damage locking!

Unlatching Procedure

Edge Assembly
Edge & Corner Assembly(1) 12" sections are available with either male or female locking devices. Assembly is accomplished by selecting the proper edge locking system to correspond with the adjoining tile locks (see illustration to the right). Each 12" edge system should be assembled to correspond with each 12" tile section without overlapping the locking system between tiles.

Corner Assembly
(2) With the edges installed, puch corner assembly plug through the accomadtion holes loacted on each end of the beveled edge for positive locking. Tile corners with two female loops will require trimming to provide clear access of corner plugs to attaching egde holes (see illutration above).